Data-driven marketing and programmatic buying deliver solid results for advertisers looking for reduced complexity, lower costs, reliable data and improved brand lift. Until recently, however, these benefits have been overtly absent when targeting the biggest screens in the house: TVs.

TubeMogul’s programmatic TV buying solution (PTV) extends many of the benefits digital buying offers – like targeting and reporting insights – to television advertising. In doing so, it enables advertisers to plan campaigns holistically, across every screen, while providing more flexibility to shift spend and optimize on reach and frequency.

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What is Programmatic TV Advertising (PTV)?

TubeMogul's PTV technology enables brands and agencies to buy TV ads using software.
TubeMogul’s PTV technology enables brands and agencies to buy TV ads using software. With our industry-leading programmatic TV buying solution, you can gain access to inventory and audiences unavailable through traditional TV ad buying.

Scatter-buying becomes vastly more efficient, flexible and scalable; inventory from local affiliates, cable and satellite companies can all be tapped through a centralized dashboard; and audiences can be pinpointed with unprecedented accuracy by using targeting criteria that goes far beyond basic demographics and ratings.

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