TubeMogul Ad Swap offers Free Placebo Lift Testing
In this increasingly fragmented world, it has become more and more complex for marketers to understand the impact of their advertising. Traditional models of attribution rely on correlation-based methods that show a relationship between a viewer watching an ad and making a purchase, but do not properly account for all the variables that may have led to making that purchase. The sale may have been motivated by another method of advertising not accounted for in the attribution funnel, or the user may have been a natural converter.

To help combat these issues of bias for advertisers, TubeMogul has created Ad Swap. This tool helps you measure whether a purchase, or conversion, was driven by an ad, or whether the viewer would have still converted without any exposure to the ad. Ad Swap offers a distinctly different approach to performance measurement than attribution modeling, allowing advertisers to create true control groups using placebos — for free.

How Ad Swap Works

Activate Ad Swap with the push of a button and TubeMogul’s software will serve placebo ads to a randomized population, while controlling for all other variables like audience targeting and site placement. Conversion results are measured for both users who saw a placebo ad and those who were exposed to your ad, along with the verified lift, to distinguish the natural converters from the influenced consumers and ultimately understand if your ad drove sales lift.

Benefits of Ad Swap

TubeMogul’s Ad Swap is the only free, true placebo testing solution.
Isolate true lift generated from your ad by comparing placebo vs. exposed ad performance.
Measure lift based on any 3rd or 1st-party offline sales data set using pixels.

Ad Swap will help you optimize and validate your campaign strategy. Learn how from one of our clients.

Lindsay Pullins, Director of Programmatic Media at Empower MediaMarketing, helped test an early version of Ad Swap. We recently caught up with her at TubeMogul University to discuss the product and Empower’s overall strategy.

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